HOLZKNACKL Nutcrackers from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop®

Our large Holzknackls are lovingly hand-made like all items from the Rothenburger Weihnachtswerkstatt. They are all around 30cm high and thus already personalities in their own right.
For a long time now, our Holzknackls have not just been adorned with Christmas motifs, they are also available in every other possible variant and for every occasion.

You will find our large Holzknackls in our Onlineshop.

Mini KNACKL from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop®

The Miniknackls from the Rothenburger Weihnachtswerkstatt are a small and cheeky bunch. With an average height of 15cm they are only half as big as their large counterparts, the Holzknackls, but they are just as lovingly fashioned and detailed as the “big ones”.
The Miniknackls are not just for Christmas either, an extremely wide variety of other motifs is now available.

You can find our Miniknackls in our Onlineshop.

HängeKNACKL from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop®

The nutcrackers from the Rothenburger Weihnachtswerkstatt are also available as Christmas tree decorations. The little gnomes have been lovingly created by hand by artists and craftsmen of the Rothenburger Weihnachtswerkstatt and are waiting to decorate your Christmas tree.

You can find a selection of our Hängeknackls in ouronline shop .


Original Nutcrackers from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop®

“Holzknackl” are the nutcrackers from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop. They are funny and friendly nutcrackers carefully painted with intensive colors. These worldwide unique figurines, made of real wood, are available in different versions: “Large”, “Small”, or our “Hanging”. They are characterized by the filigree details, expressiveness and the harmony of the colors.
These valuable pieces are no longer used for cracking nuts. Today they are collector pieces, popular decorations and individual gift ideas.

Please find the Käthe Wohlfahrt nutcrackers in our Onlineshop.