IT specialist – system integration

IT specialists in system integration at Käthe Wohlfahrt have the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and realising customer-specific IT solutions by integrating hardware and software components in complex (networked and non-networked) systems, e.g. in client server systems, multi-user systems, mainframe systems
    • Technically planning systems
    • Installing systems
    • Carrying out service/support
  • Managing and operating in-house IT systems (as a service provider)
    • Installing and configuring, setting up (according to customer requirements), commissioning and maintaining complex IT systems for internal customers
    • Systematically limiting and remedying any faults that occur using modern expert and diagnosis systems
  • Managing projects for the design, installation, upgrading and maintaining computer systems or networks of various sizes including equipment and system software, in the respective areas of use (networks, client/server, fixed networks or radio networks)
    • Advising, supporting and informing users when the selection and use of computers and networks
    • Installing and operating networks
    • Installing computer systems to meet requirements and handing over to customers
    • Analysing and remedying any problems that occur with computers and networks
    • Preparing documentation such as system documentation, user manuals, online aids
    • Using project management and programming methodology to solve application problems
    • Presenting system solutions
    • Installing and upgrading components to guarantee network security, e.g. filters or anti-virus programs
    • If applicable, analysing the energy efficiency of existing systems and assisting customers in converting to environmentally-friendly equipment
  • Monitoring the market for IT technology and systems, hardware and software products
  • Organising and carrying out user training

IT specialists in system integration should have the following skills:

  • Above-average general intellectual capacity
  • Above-averageabstract and logical thinking (e.g. working out complex hardware and software solutions)
  • Above-average mathematical skills
  • Above-averagespatial perception and awareness (e.g. understanding technical drawings for designing PC networks)
  • Good memory (e.g. memorising and recalling extensive knowledge about several programming languages)
  • Dexterity (e.g. repairing sensitive equipment)
  • Technical understanding (e.g. analysing IT systems in terms of software requirements)
  • Planning and organisational skills (e.g. planning sub-steps when working on complex networks)
  • Teaching skills (e.g. planning and carrying out comprehensive user training)
  • Perseverance / ambition (e.g. carrying out protracted and unsuccessful troubleshooting time and time again)
  • Willing to learn (e.g. continuously acquiring knowledge about new technical developments within the IT sector)


IT specialists in system integration should have the following knowledge and proficiencies:

  • Numeracy skills (e.g. calculating program prarameters, cost calculations when planning the IT infrastructure)
  • Understanding verbal statements (e.g. working with users)
  • Verbal communication skills (e.g. advising and training users)
  • Reading comprehension (e.g. researching technical literature, often in English too)
  • Written communication skills and good spelling (e.g. writing software manuals)

IT specialists in system integration should have the following educational qualifications:

  • Mittlere Reife /Abitur – equivalent to GCSE / A level standard
  • Good basic knowledge of English


Basic knowledge of computers is also essential.

Apprenticeships:  as required, max. one apprenticeship place in three years

Apprenticeship period:  3 years, always starting on 01 September every year

Training venue:
IT Department
Herrngasse 1
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

as well as throughout the company

Working hours:
8 hours every day, 5 days a week

Working time:
MON – FRI  08.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Responsible vocational college:
Berufsschule I Ansbach
Beckenweiherallee 21
91522 Ansbach
Tel.: +49 (0)981 5717

Travelling by public transport:
By rail from Rothenburg/T. train station to Ansbach train station   from Ansbach train station roughly a 10 minute walk to the college

Apprenticeship remuneration:
1st apprenticeship year:  €.664.00 gross
2nd apprenticeship year: € 733.00 gross
3rd apprenticeship year: € 844.00 gross

Internship: desirable

Application documents:
CV in form of a table, photo, copies of last two school reports as well as any possible internship certificates and work experience references

Contact person:
Gerhard Wörlein
Käthe Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co. OHG
Herrngasse 1
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
+49 (0)9861/409 310