Sales assistant/Retail merchandiser

Sales assistants at Käthe Wohlfahrt have the following responsibilities:

  • Advising customers and selling merchandise
    • Identifying customer requirements, demonstrating merchandise, advising and informing customers, selling merchandise
    • Receiving reservations and complaints, exchanging merchandise, looking for solutions in case of conflicts
    • Offering and providing special services (e.g. repair service, delivery service)
  • Taking money and cashing up
    • Calculating sales prices taking discounts, rebates and other concessions into account
    • Cashing the sales price in various methods of payments
    • Cashing up and providing a daily cash report
  • Assisting with warehousing, ordering and dispatch
    • Receiving and unpacking merchandise
    • Carrying out incoming merchandise inspections quantity condition, completeness), identifying faults and making complaints
    • Distributing merchandise or putting them away
  • Carrying out pre-sales and post-sales work
    • Labelling merchandise
    • Checking that the merchandise on offer on the shelves or sales floor are complete
    • Carrying out constant visual quality inspections
    • Clearing out, cleaning and arranging the display window, shelves and counters
    • Assisting with inventories and stocktaking
  • Assisting with sales promotions and advertising
    • Placing and presenting merchandise to boost sales (visual merchandising)
    • Assisting in decorating the display window and sales space
    • Assisting with special promotions
    • Monitoring customer requirements and market demands in the long-term
  • Assisting with product range design
    • Assisting with the nature, breadth and depth of the range or range planning taking customer groups, new merchandise, the market segment and the competition’s ranges into account
    • Monitoring the flow of merchandise
    • Identifying the demand for individual merchandise
  • Cleaning and looking after the rooms and furnishing

Merchandisers at Käthe Wohlfahrt also have the following responsibilities:

  • Procuring and purchasing merchandise
    • Identifying the demand for individual merchandise
    • Defining how much to purchase and when to order
    • Checking the delivery deadlines, delivery and payment terms and conditions (and if applicable comparing with alternatives)
    • Obtaining and comparing quotes
    • Specifying the procurement channel
    • Carrying out buying negotiations, ordering merchandise
    • Carrying out quality controls, providing supplier evaluations, managing ordering and purchasing files and lists
  • Carrying out administrative and organisational tasks
    • Processing orders, complaints, warranty claims
    • Assisting with cost and performance accounting as well as calculation
    • Checking the incoming and outgoing invoices, preparing invoices, initiating default actions
    • Posting business transactions, calculating and posting taxes, duties and charges
    • Assisting with preparing balance sheets and profit and loss statements

Sales assistants or retail merchandisers should have the following skills:

  • Communication skills (e.g. able to conduct sales and advisory talks)
  • Social skills(e.g. able to quickly and simply develop, strengthen and maintain contacts when advising customers in the shop)
  • Conflict resolution skills(e.g. able to respond appropriately when receiving complaints)
  • Friendly, trustworthy nature (e.g. pleasant, engaging and convincing manner in advisory and sales talks to foster customer loyalty)
  • Customer and service focus (e.g. dealing with customer’s individual questions about the merchandise on offer)
  • Average general intellectual capacity
  • Average mathematical skills
  • Average linguistic skillsConcentration (e.g. when advising customers)
  • Good memory (.e.g. able to remember people, figures and merchandise)
  • Ability to adapt (e.g. when dealing with different customers and customer requirements)
  • Dexterity (e.g. when distributing or putting away and packaging merchandise)

Sales assistants or retail merchandisers should have the following knowledge and proficiencies:

  • Numeracy skills (e.g. calculating sales prices taking discounts, rebates and other concessions into account)
  • Understanding verbal statements (e.g. understanding vague customer requirements, receiving complaints)
  • Verbal communication skills (e.g. identifying customer requirements, informing customers about the properties of the merchandise on offer)

Sales assistants or retail merchandisers should have the following educational qualifications:

  • A secondary school leaving certificate
  • Good basic knowledge of English


Apprenticeships: three apprentice places per year

Apprenticeship period: 2 years, always starting on 1 September every year

Certification: Sales assistant
3 years, always starting on 1 September every year

Retail merchandiser

Training venue:
our business premises
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
(changes roughly every four months)

Working hours: 8 hours every day, 5 days a week

Working time:
MON – SAT 9.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.

Adult apprentices: 22 Sundays and public holidays (from Easter)

Work attire: provided by the company.

Responsible vocational college:
Berufsschule Dinkelsbühl
Nördlinger Str. 22
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel.: +49 (0)9851 589 720

Travelling by public transport:
Bus from ZOB Rothenburg/T. to Dinkelsbühl

Apprentices from the Uffenheim/Bad Windsheim region can apply for a student card for BS Bad Windsheim

Apprenticeship remuneration:
1st apprenticeship year: €.664.00 gross
2nd apprenticeship year: € 733.00 gross
3rd apprenticeship year: € 844.00 gross

Internship:  desirable

Application documents:
CV in form of a table, photo, copies of last two school reports as well as any possible internship certificates

Contact person:
Viola Lang
Käthe Wohlfahrt GmbH & CO. OHG
Herrngasse 1
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
+49 (0)9861/409 620