Visual marketing designer

Visual marketing designers at Käthe Wohlfahrt have the following responsibilities:

  • Creating visual design concepts for the sales floor and presentation rooms as well as for the presentation of merchandise
    • Obtaining information about the target group, topic, promotional products and the company, if applicable
    • Understanding the spatial and light conditions
    • Preparing the basic facts, design drafts and technical drawings on the computer
    • Developing ideas
    • Preparing a preliminary draft to scale, making suggestions regarding colours and materials
    • Checking the draft for feasibility, calculating the costs and material consumption
    • Conducting design talks with line managers
  • Preparing the design
    • Selecting and procuring images, fabrics, films, fragrances, lettering, text etc.
    • Selecting lighting
    • Designing graphic advertising materials, such as posters, signs, price tags and similar
    • Selecting materials with regards to the product being made
    • Preparing materials and tools
    • Producing or procuring decorations as well as installed parts, decoration stands, shelves, merchandise displays
    • Preparing the showrooms
    • Grouping the merchandise, dummies and props
  • Making the design
    • Setting up or installing lights
    • Enlarging and mounting signs
    • Producing templates
    • Making graphic advertising materials, such as posters, signs, price tags and similar
    • Making various decoration elements and display aids in the workshop and putting them in place according to the draft
    • Decorating windows, rooms and display cases

Visual marketing designers should have the following skills:

  • Creativity (e.g. designing sales floors, presentation rooms or showrooms, attractive displaying of merchandise and products)
  • Communication skills (e.g. identifying customer requirements in a consultancy meeting and presenting alternative marketing concepts)
  • Ability to work in a group or team (e.g. working together with sales personnel when planning and organising promotions
  • Customer and service focus (e.g. taking customer requirements into account when preparing and executing design concepts)
  • Average general intellectual capacity
  • Average spatial perception and awareness (e.g. planning how to divide up the room when designing the decoration)
  • Dexterity (e.g. when making decoration elements)
  • Physical control (e.g. working on ladders when designing display windows or sales rooms)
  • Drawing skills (e.g. when producing preliminary drafts to scale)
  • A sense and flair for aesthetics (e.g. selecting design materials and elements)

Visual marketing designers should have the following knowledge and proficiencies:

  • Numeracy skills (e.g. calculating the costs for a presentation)
  • Understanding verbal statements (e.g. understanding customer requirements when developing and realising visual design concepts)
  • Verbal communication skills (e.g. communicating with customers)


Visual marketing designers should have the following educational qualifications:

  • Mittlere Reife – equivalent to GCSE standard
  • Good basic knowledge of English

Apprenticeships: as required, max. one apprenticeship place in three years
Apprenticeship period: 3 years, always starting on 01 September every year
Training venue:
Decoration department
Ludleinsmühle Kurze Steige 14
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
as well as at our various shops

Working hours:8 hours every day, 5 days a week
Working time:
MON – THURS 7.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
FRI 7.30 a.m. – Midday
Overtime, depending on the project

Responsible vocational college:
Städtische Berufliche Schule, Direktorat 6
Äußere Bayreuther Str. 8
90491 Nürnberg
Tel.: +49 (0)911 231 8777

Travelling by public transport:
At the main train station take the U 2 or U12 towards the airport or Ziegelstein,
Stop: Schoppershof
Apprenticeship remuneration:
1st apprenticeship year: €664.00 gross
2nd apprenticeship year: €733.00 gross
3rd apprenticeship year: €844.00 gross

Internship: desirable

Application documents:
CV in form of a table, photo, copies of last two school reports as well as any possible internship certificates and work experience references

Contact person:
Viola Lang
Wohlfahrt GmbH
Herrngasse 1
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Phone: +49 (0)9861/409 620
Note: You must be prepared to travel once you have completed your apprenticeship.