Wholesale and export merchandiser (Focus: wholesale)

Wholesale merchandisers at Käthe Wohlfahrt have the following responsibilities:

  • Completing purchasing tasks
    • Planning retail-specific logistics
    • Planning, coordinating and organising purchases
    • Obtaining and comparing quotes from manufacturers, carrying out purchasing negotiations
    • Writing orders, monitoring delivery dates
    • Accepting and inspecting merchandise, complaining about merchandise faults, storing and distributing merchandise
    • Carrying out value and cost/benefit analysis
  • Carrying out sales work
    • Processing complaints and damage claims
    • Acquiring, advising and supporting customers, maintaining relationships with customers and business partners
    • Carrying out sales negotiations
    • Evaluating logistics services based on economic and ecological aspects and concluding contracts
    • If applicable, concluding lease and service contracts (if the merchandise can also be leased instead of purchased from the customer)
  • Carrying out financial accounting
    • Posting ongoing business transactions using IT
    • Preparing outgoing invoices
    • Monitoring compliance of payment conditions for incoming and outgoing payments (including default actions)
    • Preparing monthly or annual business summaries, completing work for annual statements
  • Carrying out cost accounting
    • Posting cost types
    • Carrying out cost invoices and defining financial needs, spreading overheads over different cost centres
  • Completing general office and administrative tasks
    • Processing the incoming and outgoing post and distributing the post
    • Preparing duty and organisation plans or assisting with them
    • Producing briefs, reports, protocols, lists
    • Handling correspondence with suppliers (in particular manufacturers) and customers that is sometimes in a foreign language

Warehouse merchandisers should have the following skills:

  • Average general intellectual capacity
  • Average mathematical skills
  • Average linguistic skills
  • Perception and processing speed (e.g. quickly looking over receipts, lists and tables)
  • Memory (e.g. memory of numerous contacts for customers and suppliers)
  • Ability to adapt (e.g. quickly switching between tasks in various work areas, e.g. office and sales room)
  • Typing speed (e.g. completing written work on the computer)
  • Commercial skills (e.g. acquiring and retaining customers, carrying out market and competition analysis and cost/benefit analysis)
  • Planning and organisational skills (e.g. managing inventory lists, managing and controlling logistics processes)

Warehouse merchandisers should have the following knowledge and proficiencies:

  • Numeracy skills (e.g. preparing quotes and outgoing invoices, calculating freight costs)
  • Understanding verbal statements (e.g. making and understanding phone calls in a foreign language)
  • Verbal communication skills (e.g. negotiating with suppliers and customers)
  • Reading comprehension (e.g. understanding reports, contracts, legal regulations)
  • Written communication skills and good spelling (e.g. handling written correspondence)

Warehouse merchandisers should have the educational qualifications:

  • Mittlere Reife – equivalent to GCSE standard (commercial focus)
  • Good basic knowledge of English


Apprenticeships: one apprenticeship place per year

Apprenticeship period:  3 years, always starting on 01 September every year

Training venue:
Various departments within our administration
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Working hours: 8 hours every day,  5 days a week

Working time:
08.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Responsible vocational college:
Berufsschule Bad Windsheim
Am dicken Turm 7
91438 Bad Windsheim
Tel.: +49 (0)9841 1629

Travelling by public transport:
Take the train from Rothenburg/T. train station to Bad Windsheim

Apprentices from the Ansbach region can apply for a student card for BS Ansbach

Apprenticeship remuneration:
1st apprenticeship year:  €.664.00 gross
2nd apprenticeship year: € 733.00 gross
3rd apprenticeship year: € 844.00 gross

Internship:  unfortunately not possible

Application documents:
CV in form of a table, photo, copies of last two school reports as well as any possible internship certificates

Viola Lang
Käthe Wohlfahrt GmbH & CO. OHG
Herrngasse 1
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
+49 (0)9861/409 620
E-mail: Bewerbung@wohlfahrt.com