The Limited Edition Childhood Dreams®

A Historical Contemporary Document of Great Collectors’ Value

The atist Gudrun Galler
Every single item is unique

Only original from Käthe Wohlfahrt with this seal

In 1982 Harald Wohlfahrt developed his idea for an artist studio, where carefully selected artists and crafters would design and produce distinctive items especially for the Käthe Wohlfahrt stores. A quite unusual endeavor for a retailer. Even then, this creative businessman was in search of the unique for his customers. The realization of his dreams began with the opening of a year round Christmas Village, the “Weihnachtsdorf”, in 1981. Harald knew that attention had to continually be given to selecting the finest for the “Weihnachtsdorf”, the Christmas Village. The finest handcrafted Christmas products were made by the toymakers, wood turners and handcrafters from the Erzgebirge in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), with whom he maintained contact. As direct business relations with the manufacturers in East Germany were officially forbidden, his desire to employ these master craftsman was impossible. So he settled for making changes to existing Erzgebirge decorations for the time being. In the meantime, he held onto his dream of building an artist’s studio, where Erzgebirge artisans would create high quality Christmas items especially for Käthe Wohlfahrt.

In 1989 Harald’s opportunity presented itself. He could now contact Erzgebirge toymakers without the government’s scrutiny. He immediately found an experienced master of wood turning to create the first wooden figurines as Harald had designed them in his mind. Finding a suitable artist who could accurately translate his ideas into real figurines, was a more difficult task. Some time later, at an exhibition, Harald by chance met the artist, Gudrun Galler, whose artistic style was just what he had been searching for. In 1990, with these two masters in place, Käthe Wohlfahrt’s LIMITED EDITION Collection “Childhood Dreams” from was born out of the German re-unification.

A dream comes true

When the wall between East and West Germany fell in 1989, it was also a dream come true for citizens throughout Germany, and Harald rejoiced along with everyone else over the re-uniting of his beloved country. At this time of great celebration, he recalled his childhood dreams. The name for his “Childhood Dreams” LIMITED EDITION collection grew out of this momentous historical experience.

He was not only happy about his dreams coming true, but also greatly thankful that he could capture this moment of happiness together with crafters and artists from east and west and to hold on to his LIMITED EDITION “Childhood Dreams” forever more. For Harald Wohlfahrt this was the end of the past and the beginning of the future. Let’s take this world’s childhood dreams and give them a happy future.

Superior craftsmanship

Since 1990, the artist Gudrun Galler has created the images of the LIMITED EDITION “Childhood Dreams” Collection in her inimitable style. In the romantic Tauber River Valley, she produces unique master- pieces together with her team of artists, that are sheer poetry to the eyes.

Tiny parts of well-seasoned beech wood are turned on lathes and carefully assembled. Step by step, a figurine, consisting of up to 50 individual parts, is created. Each day, every detail is checked and reworked, while it is also inspected by Mrs. Galler to ensure that her ideas are interpreted correctly. Once each prototype is completely assembled, it is painted with intricate detail, using painting techniques borrowed from porcelain manufacturers. Paint brushes, with the finest marten hair, are used to paint extremely fine features. It is this very careful attention to fine detail that is highly valued by collectors throughout the world. Only until you have held a figurine from the LIMITED EDITION “Childhood Dreams” Collection will you be able to see for yourself the extent to which our artists reach in order to produce such fine works of art.

When each figurine is complete, it is registered with the Käthe Wohlfahrt trademark. Each item is limited to a specific number which differs from item to item. Some figurines are made every year in limited quantities, while others are produced for one specific year only.

A genuine Käthe Wohlfahrt figurine or music box from the “Childhood Dreams” Collection is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and can be identified by the brass plate on the bottom of each item showing the Käthe Wohlfahrt logo – the “Kindertraum” insignia with the Swallow logo – the engraved limitation number, the quantity produced, and the year of limitation.

Many people around the world have discovered their passion of collecting the LIMITED EDITION, or see in them an unusual gift idea. These figurines allow both the young and the young at heart to dream, to be happy and to appreciate the beauty which surrounds us.